Welcome to the JASA Website

The Japan-America Society of Alabama (JASA) is a private, not-for-profit association working toward encouraging and developing friendship and understanding between individuals within the communities of Japan and the United States.

Through programs responsive to social, economic, and political needs, Alabamians are afforded the opportunity to examine and learn from experiences and achievements of both nations. Join us as we promote and cultivate this enriching relationship.

The National Association maintains links to a variety of Japan-related websites on business, public affairs, culture and education.

JASA welcomes members from all business organizations and individuals that have an interest in expanding U.S. business ventures in Japan or wish to promote a congenial climate for Japanese business in Alabama.

"To provide an avenue for the people of Alabama and the Japanese people residing in Alabama to promote friendly personal and professional relationships - all to increase a better understanding of each other's peoples and customs"

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